Coutances : a cultural urban stage!

The perfect place to stop off for fans of old stones, Coutances is a small town that is great for walking around. When visitors see the Notre-Dame cathedral, a beautiful example of Norman gothic art, it is difficult to cover up the fact that Coutances used to be an old episcopal city.
There are lots of other little hidden gems along the old streets and they make the city a must-see stop during your stay.

Have you heard of Coutances before?

Hardly a surprise, as for the last 37 years the town has welcomed the Jazz sous les pommiers festival, which is one of the top 3 most renowned jazz festivals in France! Every year, around the Ascension long weekend, the city comes alive, offering several thousand festival goers a colourful week, where big names in jazz and lovely discoveries come together. With shows and marching bands in the streets and concerts in the bars and concert halls, there is something for everyone.

Coutances is the old historical capital of the Manche region. The town has several religious buildings, reflecting its magnificent past. The Notre-Dame cathedral, Saint-Nicolas church or even the Saint-Pierre church are stunning monuments that can be discovered when visiting Coutances. It has a had rich history over the centuries.

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Coutances has a big market on Thursday mornings in the heart of the city where local products, market gardeners, fishmongers etc. are all waiting for you at one of the most important events in the Coutances calendar. On Saturday mornings, there are some farmers near the Marcel Hélie concert hall. On Tuesday evenings in the old market hall, there is a little organic market where you can buy organic and local products in a friendly atmosphere.

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The city has lots of leisure facilities which really add to Coutances’ cultural experience. Visitors have a cinema, bowling alley and ice rink on tap and there is even a sports centre with a swimming pool.

Surrounded by three valleys, the city of Coutances is nestled at the heart of the unspoilt countryside. A hiking loop will allow you to discover the city from a different angle and to stroll along the little paths surrounding the city.
There are several cycle paths that cross the city and some of them lead to the coast while others lead to the heart of the countryside.

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Circuit découverte de la ville
Demandez le fascicule dans l’un de nos bureaux d’information touristique, il est gratuit !
Il vous fera admirer l’hôtel de ville, le musée Quesnel Morinière, le jardin public ou encore l’église St Nicolas. Arpentez la ville à votre rythme mais sans passer à côté de l’essentiel !

City discovery loop
Ask for the leaflet in one of our tourist information centres, it’s free!
It will take you to the city’s hotel, the Quesnel Morinière museum, the public gardens and even the St Nicolas church. Wander around the city at your own pace but without missing any of the must-see sites!

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