Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (3)Jazz Sous Les Pommiers (3)
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An exceptional festival in the Manche department

Jazz sous les Pommiers

A festival with an international sound: a rich program

The Sous Les Pommiers Jazz Festival takes place every year at Coutances, in the heart of the Cotentin peninsula. It’s a music festival whose jazzy sounds attract numerous spectators. It traditionally takes place during Ascension week. A number of very popular artists have already performed there but also less well-known artists who are just as talented.


The festival from A to Z

Come and listen to jazz in the heart of Normandy !

The Sous Les Pommiers Jazz Festival was set up following a meeting between two local aficionados, Thierry Giard, a teacher, and Gérard Houssin, a cultural activity leader.

The first edition took place in 1982.

Its very eclectic and rhythmic programming ranges from “New Orleans-style” jazz to electronic music. It also includes numerous street performances. The jazz musicians invited are both local musicians as well as big international stars.
In 2006, Jazz Sous Les Pommiers reached over 1,000 concerts attended by 500,000 festivalgoers, including 350,000 paying spectators. In 2010, the festival achieved its record attendance with 37,000 spectators. The festival celebrated its 30th edition in 2011, inviting artists who have previously played the festivals along with new arrivals to Coutances. This anniversary finished with the “Mad Parade”, a two-and-a-half-hour wander through the town centre of Coutances on 4 June.

The 43th edition will take place from 4 to 11st of may –  2024