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Our ideas for outings with your dog

vaca,ces avec son chien : toutourisme et idées de balades
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All our tips for traveling to Coutances mer et bocage with your dog!

A stay, weekend or even a vacation is coming up and you want to travel with your pet. It can sometimes be difficult to find activities, accommodations and practical information for a serene stay with your little 4-legged friend.

Beaches: Where to walk with your dog?

Our maritime territory has a large number of kilometers of coastline. It is very pleasant to walk there, to spend a day, summer or winter.

However, municipal ordinances regulate the presence of dogs on the beaches. Discover below the details of the dates and periods when you can go (or not) on the beaches with your faithful companion.

  • Agon-Coutainville: Dogs are prohibited on the beach and boardwalk from June through August 31 every year. Throughout the year, they must be kept on a leash when walking in parks, streets, etc.
  • Anneville: Leashed dogs allowed on beaches except from June 15 to September 15
  • Annoville: Beach prohibited to dogs from June 15 to September 15 by municipal bylaw.
  • Blainville-sur-Mer: Dogs allowed on the beaches all year long imperatively kept on a leash
  • Gouville-Sur-Mer: Dogs on a leash allowed on beaches year-round.
  • Hauteville-sur-Mer: Walking leashed dogs on the seawall and beach at Hauteville-sur-Mer is allowed from September 16 to June 14. That is, a ban from June 15 to September 15 on the seawall and beach.
  • Lingreville and Montmartin-Sur-Mer: Strolls authorized all year long with animals but they must be kept on a leash.

Around Coutances:

  • The sports park: a large open-air space that will allow your little pet to stretch its legs in addition to see during your walk, a space with some animals goats, geese, ducks!”
  • Voie verte: around Coutances two greenways: these are former railroads converted into bike paths where you can make beautiful walks in complete safety.
  • The castle of Gratot: your pets are accepted but must be kept on a leash.
  • Le manoir du Grand-Taute
  • The gardens and museum of Saussey manor

Around Agon-Coutainville:

  • La Mare de Lessay : this natural space in the heart of the resort welcomes you with your pet held on a leash.
  • Le square du temple : The square du temple borders the racetrack, this green space is punctuated by pine trees, with picnic tables.
  • La pointe d’Agon : this magnificent site reserves you beautiful stroll with your pet held in leash.
  • The small fir wood near the college: a space in the middle of nature where you can also find games for children.

About Gavray:

  • The site of the castle of Gavray: an interpretation trail on this former stronghold, former ducal castle. A digital tour with the Kit-m application will allow you to learn more about the place.
  • The crossroads of hikers: A small course of walks between fishing pontoons and landscaped surroundings, in the shade of trees and in a green setting.

About Gouville:

  • Beach beautiful shore and cabins : Walk in the dunes with your pet and discover these iconic beach cabins or you will realize beautiful walks and photos!
  • The mill of Gouville: to discover with our pet if you wish!

About Hauteville-Sur-Mer:

  • The quarries: This former site of exploitation of a quarry is now converted into a climbing site. In the middle of nature, it is very relaxing to walk there and your pooch will be welcome.
  • Pêcherie La Maillard: This very old fishery is discovered at low tide. You can discover it with your pet held on a leash.

About Regnéville-sur-Mer:

  • In the small streets : the charm of old buildings and old stones.

Did you know?

A welcome kit is given to all tourists coming to the tourist office with their dogs.
This kit contains our tourist guides and destination magazines, a 30 million friends magazine, treats for your 4-legged friend, the toutourisme guide, …

Your dog will also be able to quench his thirst in our toutoubar: available in each tourist information office of our destination.