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Weekend or break

2 days in Coutances sea and bocage

Our tips and ideas

2 days in Coutances mer et bocage: our tips and ideas to make the most of our beautiful region!

In the heart of Normandy, between bocage and beaches, 3 hours from Paris, our destination is conducive to disconnecting. For 2 days, a weekend, a small break or a getaway, you will find everything you need there. Exceptional heritage, preserved nature, great beaches, exceptional architecture, wide open spaces, calm, serenity … what else ??

Whether it is for a nature bath, a city break, a weekend by the sea or a fabulous road trip, the region offers itself to you under many aspects. Easily accessible according to your needs and possibilities our destination will undoubtedly seduce you!

We reveal our ideas to spend 2 memorable days in Coutances mer et bocage, in the heart of Normandy!”

#1 - The city break

The city break par excellence takes place in Coutances.

About 3 hours from Paris, accessible by train (Coutances station) or by car, Coutances is the historical capital of the Cotentin. Rich in a precious heritage and rocked by a tumultuous history, Coutances offers lovers of old stones sumptuous buildings to visit such as the unmissable Coutances Cathedral, the Quesnel Morinière Museum, the old streets, the Saint-Pierre church, etc.

His dynamism makes the city center a space where you can eat in high-quality establishments offering fresh and seasonal products cooked with passion. You can also find many unique boutiques and concept stores.

A plant garden, a true green lung of the city center can be visited in all seasons. Its collection of rare trees and mosaic beds make it a beloved place to visit where generations of children have walked the plant maze.

The theater animates the city center, the international jazz festival “Jazz under the apple trees” in May and the many leisure facilities make this small town on a human scale, an ideal destination for your next city break!”

Numerous animations, cinema, swimming pool, sports park, media library, exhibitions, … if you’re looking for occupations, you won’t lack any!

For 2 days in Coutances – Do not miss:

  • The Cathedral of Coutances – Visit of the lower parts – vertiginous visit of the upper parts
  • The garden of plants
  • The Quesnel Morinière Museum
  • Browse in one of the establishments of the center-ville
  • Wandering through the stores of downtown Coutances
  • Tasting local products in a restaurant
  • Drinking a drink facing the cathedral

#2 - 2 days with your family

Family weekend: the seaside as a playground in Hauteville-sur-Mer

For your 2-day stay in Coutances mer et bocage, our seaside resort of Hauteville-sur-Mer will be ideal. Labeled family+, it is perfect for welcoming families and especially children. Many accommodations will welcome you warmly (and offer all the necessary equipment for vacations with children) and all the seaside leisure activities are also adapted to children.

The fishery la Maillard of Hauteville can be visited with the family who has been operating it for decades, it is one of the oldest and last in Europe. A small treasure of maritime heritage!”

Restaurants, beach bars, cinema, rides in season, local shops and campsites are perfect for a little break by the sea, a weekend or 2 days of break in the hectic daily life of family.

The Sunday market of Hauteville-sur-Mer is undoubtedly the most active of our destination. In season merchants swell the aisles of this market, which, summer and winter alike, is a real treat for the eyes and taste buds. Stroll through the aisles and let yourself be tempted by good products of our local soil.

On the program: (depending on the season)

  • swimming
  • walking on the seawall
  • sand cakes
  • playing in the fresh air
  • games on the beach
  • fishing on foot
  • tasting good local products
  • family activities
  • ride in a rosalie

…in short, heaven on earth for all ages!

#3 - 2 days in Agon-Coutainville

Maritime interlude in Agon-Coutainville

The seaside resort par excellence of our coastline is Agon-Coutainville. Lively and dynamic it is very popular with tourists and residents of our destination. Active in all seasons, we sharethe love of the seaside, good local products, moments of happiness on the coastline, walks at dusk, … all in an enchanting setting.

The seaside resort offers all the comfort necessary for a successful stay with family, couple or even friends. Numerous entertainment and leisure activities, shops, restaurants, in a few words everything is on site! A sailing school also allows you to try out many water sports such as sand yachting, windsurfing, paddle, etc.

Quality leisure activities are offered all year round. So enjoy golf, casino, numerous water sports offered by the clubs and establishments of the resort. Enough to have endless fun!”

The grandiose nature is also omnipresent. Large sandy beaches, dune areas but especially the Pointe d’Agon, the unmissable. This preserved natural space changes with the tides and offers breathtaking views. The lighthouse of the point has become over time the emblem of the resort.

Local products are to be consumed without moderation. The Oyster is among the most representative. On the markets, directly from the producers, in the oyster bars or sublimated by our restaurateurs, you will not be disappointed by the local flavors: oysters, mussels, cheeses, ciders, delicatessen, chocolates, …

Don’t miss during your 2 days:

  • Oyster bars
  • Beaches
  • Agon’s point and its lighthouse
  • The hut of the hen
  • The walkway
  • Hiking trails
  • Fishing on foot

#4 - Looking for something unusual?

Insolites : some ideas to create memorable memories !

Want new sensations ? strong emotions (or not) ? We have several ideas to suggest for your 2-day stay in Coutances mer et bocage.

#1 – Treehouses in Savigny:
The fairy valley is the name of this place that offers an immersion in the nature of Normandy thanks to beautiful treehouses. Perched in the countryside, we plunge into the heart of the elements, we admire nature and listen to all the little noises of animals present in the vicinity. Unusual experience par excellence!

#2 – Glamping or retro caravans facing Le Havre
In an enchanting setting, facing the harbor of Regnéville with a view of the Pointe d’Agon, the campsite of Le Havre de Regnéville welcomes you in 2 types of unusual accommodations: glamping tents with all comforts with a large bed, a small terrace facing the harbor or in vintage caravans with all comforts to remind you of past emotions.

#3 – Giant Paddle at Hauteville-sur-Mer
For a fun experience with friends, this giant paddle can accommodate up to 10 people. Fun, novel and very entertaining, this is a rather unusual way to have fun with friends or family. Memorable memories guaranteed!”

#4 – Tour of the oyster beds by horse-drawn or towed carriage
2 original options for touring and learning all about the oyster beds and mussel beds that make our territory famous. “Les attelages des grandes marées” in Gouville sur mer, a carriage pulled by draft horses touring the oyster beds at low tide with oyster and white wine tasting. The second option “La Balade d’Anton” in Agon-Coutainville offers in a towed trailer, a commented tour of the parks with tasting as well.

#5 – Fat bike on the beach
At Tous à vélo, Arnaud offers electric fat bike rentals in the summer in Hauteville-sur-Mer or Agon-Coutainville. These fat bikes are designed to ride on any surface including the sand of the beach. Very exhilarating, you can charge to the water’s edge on a bike and crisscross the coastline like you’ve never done before! Sensations guaranteed!

#6 – Letenneur Mausoleum in Roncey: between a cottage and a cemetery
The Letenneur Mausoleum stands in the countryside at the end of a path in a field. Built by Auguste Letenneur, its purpose was to gather the bodies of the family’s deceased and to accommodate the living in rooms, halls, terrace, etc. so that everyone could occasionally be together. The building is really grandiose and the view from the terrace is splendid. A visit out of the ordinary and that you will never have experienced before!

#7 – Vertiginous visits of the high parts of the cathedral
For the most adventurous and those who are not afraid of heights, the cathedral of Coutances can be visited in an original way from its high parts. You will see the monument as never before, the invisible parts of the building, the lantern tower and its unobstructed view of the choir and the central aisle, the small narrow corridors, the meadow windows … all this from the heights of the monument.

#5 - 2 days in the country

What about disconnecting in the countryside? Need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

Between Gavray-sur-Sienne, Cerisy-La-Salle or Saint-Sauveur-Lendelin, our beautiful green bocage stretches almost as far as the eye can see. Magnificent fields bordered by hedges with rich fauna, winding valleys, meandering rivers, bucolic little roads, … in short you will not resist the charm of the countryside!

At the bend of the little roads, by car, motor home, van or even by bike, the small heritage is revealed. Washhouses, mills, bridges, chapels, churches are buildings that sometimes harbor treasures to be discovered.

Hike in the hollow paths of our bocage, walk through landscapes as varied as they are numerous, listen to the sounds of the surrounding fauna, admire the small animals in the hedges, the fields. You will certainly be able in our countryside to cut with the daily life, leave the cell phone off and simply recharge your batteries.

Some majestic sites among which the Abbey of Hambye. An extraordinary site between restored spaces and ruins, magnificent rooms and exhibitions, a store worth a visit and immersive tablets to discover the abbey in the time of the monks. A must-see stop!

To do during your stay:

  • Hike in the small village of La Baleine or around Hambye Abbey
  • Visit Hambye Abbey
  • Taste the products of the andouillerie de Gavray-sur-Sienne
  • Walk along the greenway
  • Visit the church of Savigny, the Letenneur mausoleum in Roncey or the castle of Cerisy La Salle
  • Walk along the Sienne river or kayak on the river
  • Visit the Tancrède museum in Hauteville La Guichard to learn all about the history of the Normans who left for Sicily
  • Bike along the back roads admiring the cows grazing under the apple trees
  • Instagram our beautiful landscapes