Havre de Blainville sur Mer vu du ciel
©Havre de Blainville sur Mer vu du ciel|Philippe Fauvel
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Havre de Blainville‑sur‑Mer

Havre de Blainville-sur-Mer: Preserved natural area

The Blainville-sur-Mer estuary is an exceptional place for biodiversity and preserved nature. Designated a Natura 2000 area, an exceptional fauna and flora develop there.

Havre de Blainville-sur-Mer avec un ciel nuageux
©Havre de Blainville sur Mer|Aymeric Picot

Located between the communes of Blainville-sur-Mer and Agon-Coutainville, the haven covers over 500 hectares. The entrance to the haven is marked by 2 dune strips which are subject to severe tidal action.

It contains a great diversity of fauna and flora: a very rich salt-tolerant flora on the dunes. The haven is also home to many species, especially during the breeding season, and is a favourite nesting, breeding and feeding ground for several rare and/or protected species.

You can explore the haven thanks to guided tours organised by local associations and independent guides. See a wide range of flora and fauna…

Claire havre de Blainville sur mer

The Havre de Blainville is mainly used for oyster farming. Marine workers can be seen there throughout the day. An incredible sweep to watch !

Lucie, nature addict

    Essential visits

  • Cabanor: An important location for many oyster aquaculturists
  • The GR 223 road passes nearby
  • Le Père Gus: Oyster tasting at the aquaculturist’s
  • Restaurants: La Cale and Le Grand Herbet
  • Supervised beach in summer – First aid post
  • Kite surfing spot for enthusiasts
  • Breathtaking view of the oyster beds off the coast