Pêche à pied à Agon-Coutainville
©Pêche à pied à Agon-Coutainville|Aymeric Picot
Fishing on foot

Where to fish ?

Fishing on foot : where to fish so you don’t come back empty-handed ?

Our region covers a wide seafront. On these beaches, many places allow fishing on foot. However, certain sites are better suited to certain types of fishing. Below are some tips and places to fish.

Specific areas : go fishing on foot

Would you like to get some fresh air ? Would you like to try out this open-air leisure activity ? Our experts from the APP2R association (Sustainable fishing on foot association) have prepared this small map which will give you information on where to fish for specific species.

For prawns, clams, cockles and even venus clams, consult the map and organise your fishing trip on the foreshore.

You should know that all the beaches allow (except for any by-laws in effect) cockle fishing, which is simple and accessible to all !

Click on button below to access the map of the fishing areas on the coast of the Coutances Mer et Bocage region and the second button to obtain the map for the whole Manche department.

Did you know ?

Venus clams are bivalves (shellfish with 2 valves – the 2 parts of the shell) that can be caught on our coasts. Although they are particularly appreciated, they are subject to strict fishing regulations like other shellfish.

Venus clams can be cooked but can also be eaten raw like oysters. Add a little bread, lemon or vinaigrette and savour its unusual, salty taste. (Open them just before you try them for optimum taste).

Important information

  • Consult the tide tables before your departure
  • Respect fishing quotas
  • Respect the fishing season
  • Consult the by-laws concerning fishing on foot before leaving
  • Go with a mobile phone
  • Let someone know your fishing destination