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A must in the English Channel

Granville : The Monaco of the North

Discover La Manche: Granville, seaside resort on the Normandy coast

Baptized the Monaco of the North, Granville is a well-known seaside resort on our beautiful Normandy coast in La Manche. Let’s go and discover this dynamic city.

A fishing town, Granville has a rich maritime history

A former stronghold that once allowed the English to conquer land, they dug a huge trench to make Granville an island at high tide (currently between the Casino and the Promenade). A natural and unstoppable defense element. Then, taken over by the Normans, Granville became an important strategic military point of interest because of its configuration above the sea. Over time, it became a corsair city of renown. From the 16th century, Granville was one of the most important cod ports which allowed an important economic development for the city. The terre-neuvas are an integral part of the city’s history.

Today, the privateer character of Granville is still felt, and the atmosphere of a fishermen’s town is well anchored and present. Halfway between a vibrant city and seaside, Granville has everything you need to live peacefully or to spend a memorable vacation.

Did you know?

Granville is often referred to as “The Monaco of the North” because just like Monaco it is located on a rocky promontory similar to that of Monaco.

This offers incredible views of the sea and the surrounding area!

A renowned carnival

In addition to the cultural and historical aspect, Granville is also a dynamic and lively city all year round. For example, the carnaval is celebrated there. In February as a true local religion, the whole city meets and dresses up. For the 146th year in 2020 (in February), Granville lives to the rhythm of parades, floats, parades, concerts and entertainment, meals, cavalcades, balls, intrigues, confetti battle, etc. During this weekend a little extended, time is suspended and we enjoy there a real moment of communion between carnivalists.

Dynamic seaside resort

Renowned seaside resort, Granville is also the small shopping streets where one takes pleasure in strolling, the Gousset flat (promenade) to stroll along the sea front, the ferry terminal allowing crossings to the Channel Islands or the archipelago of Chausey, the marina and the fishing port, many water sports to try, local products that can be tasted on the markets or in the good restaurants of the city. So many pleasures to share with family or friends with the backdrop of the beach and the waves. In short, a seaside resort where everything is gathered to spend an unforgettable stay.

The must-sees of your Granville visit

  • The Upper Town and its treasures: this granite promontory above the town… the original town in a way, and its small streets but especially its breathtaking view of the sea. You will discover the Watch house, set on the rampart with its 2 turrets, the old barracks, the Grand’porte, the drawbridge giving access to the upper town, the bunkers, the lighthouse, the upper town theater and the church Notre-Dame du Cap Lihou. So many architectural treasures that you can appreciate.
  • The museums: The Richard Anacréon modern art museum in the upper town (collections and exhibitions of paintings and old books), the Christian Dior museum and its English garden facing the sea (birthplace of the designer where each year a new fashion exhibition is proposed – Donville les bains) and the Roc des curiosités museum of the heritage of the sea (collection of shells and insects, aquariums for an atypical visit).
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