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The Letenneur Mausoleum of Roncey
Mausolée letenneur de Roncey
©Mausolée letenneur de Roncey|Eric Quesnel

Virtual tour of the Letenneur Mausoleum: discover this atypical monument in Roncey

In the heart of the countryside, this unusual monument was built in Roncey by Ferdinand Letenneur, a traveling merchant who made his fortune in the late 18th century. Unpublished and totally atypical, it presents an incredible and unsuspected architecture for a building of this scale.

Mausolée letenneur de Roncey
©Mausolée letenneur de Roncey|Eric Quesnel
At home

3D discovery of the Letenneur Mausoleum


Tips to get the most out of this virtual tour:

  • The “play” button allows you to start the automated tour which will guide you without doing anything in the monument, if you don’t press it you can move around the castle as you wish
  • The white circles allow you to advance from one room to another by clicking on them
  • You can use the keys on your keyboard left arrow, right arrow, etc.
  • You can put the virtual tour in full screen using the button at the bottom right of the window (just above the thumbnails)
  • The various shots allow you to switch between rooms with a single click
  • You can view this virtual tour in virtual reality with a suitable headset like Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard
The Letenneur mausoleum

In the story

Between tomb and fortress, this monument has an atypical character. Now owned by the commune of Roncey, it is open only on special occasions and on Heritage Days.

We discover a crypt, several rooms on several levels, balcony, staircase, … an incredible architecture, a terrace with an unobstructed view of the surrounding countryside, construction elements for which it must have taken a lot of courage and motivation … in short a beautiful example out of the ordinary of our local heritage.

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