Vue sur le havre de la Vanlée
©Vue sur le havre de la Vanlée|Aymeric Picot
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Havre de la Vanlée

Havre de la Vanlée: a confidential haven

With very few visitors on the Lingreville side, the haven is a real place of peace and quiet. Its naturalness is its strength and it gives off the secluded atmosphere of the edge of the world.

Plantes des dunes du havre de la vanlée
©Plantes des dunes du havre de la vanlée|Aymeric Picot

Located between the communes of Granville and Agon-Coutainville, the haven is situated over 3 communes: Lingreville, Bréhal and Bricqueville-sur-Mer.

2 roads cross this haven: the 375 road which is liable to flooding (during high tides only) and the second road which crosses the haven is the D592 road but this time it is on a floodgate which allows the sea water to enter the haven. The latter therefore marks out the grassland and wetland areas.

Two flora and fauna interest zones have been established there and almost 200 species of birds have been recorded. There are also salt marsh sheep which are very representative of these areas.

Visiteur du havre de la vanlée
©Visiteur du havre de la vanlée

Designated a Natura 2000 site (like the seven others on the western coast of the Manche department), the harbour is a protected area. With few visitors, you can walk there in complete tranquillity to recharge your batteries


   Essential visits

  • Numerous small paths to discover during your walks
  • The GR 223 road passes nearby
  • Road liable to flooding
  • Many animals to observe
  • Preserved nature, exceptional landscapes
  • Peace and quiet