Havre de Geffosses vue du Ciel
©Havre de Geffosses vue du Ciel|Philippe Fauvel
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Haven of Geffosses

Havre de Geffosses: nature in its raw state

The haven extends from Geffosses to Anneville-sur-Mer and is home to an important bird sanctuary. A treasure trove of biodiversity flourishes at the heart of this tranquil haven.

Vue en drone du havre de Geffosses
©Havre de Geffosses |Philippe Fauvel

A small estuary of great importance

The Havre de Geffosses is a small estuary of La Manche which opens on the sea between two fine needles of sand. Five small rivers flow into this haven where a rich fauna and flora proliferate.

The haven no longer communicates directly with the sea because a bridge dam supporting the road cuts off the water entrance. A floating door system was therefore set up to ensure the connection to the sea.

The major attraction of this haven is the variety of ornithological species there. As a wintering or stopover site for many species, you can see the Kentish plover, kingfisher, black-headed gull, northern lapwing, wigeon… and many more.

A hunting reserve of almost 200 hectares is located here. It is possible to visit it with a guide from the federation to get to know all the little natural details.

Clément havre de Blainville

The Havre de Geffosses is at the edge of the region Coutances Tourisme covers. Its major attraction is its great ornithological abundance. It’s a very small haven but it’s magnificent in its splendour, the best thing is to go and watch the birds in the hut and see them evolve in nature !

Allan, nature lover

   Essential visits

  • Bird watching hut
  • The haven’s untamed nature
  • Surf spot with certain tidal coefficients – for enthusiasts
  • Paillotte Playa Restaurant