Espèces de pêche à pied à Agon-Coutainville
©Espèces de pêche à pied à Agon-Coutainville|Aymeric Picot
Fishing on foot


Fishing on foot : which species to fish for ?

The tide is low, the foreshore is uncovered and you want to go fishing. You can fish for many species on our coastline provided that the instructions, quotas and authorised tools are respected.

Lots of species to fish : strict regulations

Our foreshore is full of small fishing treasures. You can easily fish for many species at high tide. Some can be fished during lower tides, others require higher tides where the rocks will be uncovered.

Cockles, venus clams, dog cockles, clams will be accessible even during low tides. On the other hand, if you wish to fish for lobsters, prawns or velvet crabs, you will have to go further around the rocks and therefore wait for high tides. You should take a lot of precautions during your fishing trips to avoid being surprised by the rise of the water which happen extremely quickly according to the coefficients and the fishing sectors.

Quotas are also applicable according to species to ensure their preservation and reproduction.

Did you know : Filter-feeding or burrowing bivalves ?

There are several types of bivalves. Some of these are burrowers and others are filter feeders. But what does that mean ? Filter-feeding bivalves (which may be attached to a rock or other structure) filter seawater for food. For example oysters or mussels.

Burrowing bivalves, on the other hand, are buried in sediments, sand, etc. For example, cockles, venus clams, dog cockles, etc. They are therefore distinguished by these characteristics and it is thanks to this that they are identified in the by-laws governing fishing on foot in particular.

The species you can fish for :

  • Cockles
  • Dog cockles
  • Winkles
  • Spider crabs, edible crabs, velvet crabs
  • Razor shells
  • Lobsters
  • Cupped or flat oysters
  • Mussels
  • Clams and blue clams
  • Venus clams
  • Scallops
  • Abalones
  • Shrimps