Chapelles de la cathédrale de COutances
©Chapelles de la cathédrale de COutances|Aymeric Picot
Cathedral Details

The chapels

Magnificently adorned chapels: walk along the side aisles

Sitting along the north and south side aisles of the cathedral, the chapels stand out thanks to their incredible decor. Some of them, like the Circata and the Chiffrevast chapel, are particular highlights. Wander through the cathedral and plunge into the heart of history !

The circata

Dedicated to the Virgin, it was added in the 14th century. Its paintings make its reputation and its unusual character. They are painted in a polychromy style that was reinvented in the 19th century. The altar of the chapel is a masterpiece in its own right: it is decorated with silver and was made by a goldsmith and an architect. There are also a few tombstones of 19th century bishops..

The Chiffrevast chapel

This seigniorial chapel was founded in 1381 by the lord of Valognes, Jean de Chiffrevast. It has a particularly interesting three-storey painting from the 14th century, which was restored in the 19th century. Dedicated to Saint Joseph, it is illuminated by a stained glass window representing the saint’s life.

Did you know?

The chapels on the north side, created between 1270 and 1330, are separated by clerestory windows and built between the buttresses. These have kept their terracotta paving stones dating from the 14th century, a true testimony of the past !

   Important information

  • Numerous chapels along the lower sides
  • Circata remarkable for its polychromy
  • Each chapel has its own altar
  • 14th century terracotta paving stones to be admired in the north side chapels
  • Miracles occurred in the well located in the well chapel in the 11th century
  • Magnificent stained glass windows to discover in each of the chapels

  How to visit ?

  • Open to the public during the cathedral’s opening hours
  • Free visit with information on the cathedral published by the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire [the local heritage organisation] (free)
  • Audio-guided tour: audioguides for hire at the tourist office (€3)
  • Guided tour of the lower parts (Reservations at the Tourist office)
  • Guided tour of the upper parts (Reservations at the Tourist office)