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In winter

In Coutances mer et bocage

Winter in Coutances mer et bocage

Out of season, our destination is adorned with cold but beautifully natural colors. The sea spray sweeps our coasts, the iodized air and the storms rock the oyster beds and mussel beds. We discover changing landscapes where the 4 seasons can sometimes cross in one day: clearing, rain, wind, …

The high tides give rhythm to the weeks and nature lives in slow motion. But, through it all, our heritage remains intact, the beauty of the landscapes remains, our hospitality is the same and some activities endure so that you spend a stay here that is always comforting, rejuvenating and memorable.

Let yourself be seduced by winter by the sea and change your view of the countryside and the coastline out of the summer season!

In winter … we take a breath of fresh air!

The scene of the largest autumn tides, our destination is the spectacle of these phenomenal tides. Spray, storms, raging seas, … the show is inevitably worth the detour! Winter walks by the sea are an opportunity to clear one’s head, to recharge one’s batteries, to change air, to oxygenate.

Our coastline is also rocked by the currents and the products that come from it are of great quality. Your stay will be the time to taste these seafood, shellfish whose local star is the oyster. Direct sale at the producers, local product stores, oyster bars or restaurants, our providers put their passion at the service of your taste buds.

Try also some possible leisure activities even in winter: horseback riding, sand yachting, hiking, … or indoors in one of our pools, cinemas, theater, … ! There is no shortage of infrastructure to welcome you in good or bad weather!