Mont Saint Michel en Normandie
©Mont Saint Michel|Fab Lentz
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The Mont-Saint-Michel

The Mont-Saint-Michel, a must-see, memorable visit

Set in the bay, it stands majestically in the landscape. The closer you get to the site, the more details of its architecture become visible and offer themselves to us like a treasure. The Mont-Saint-Michel is an obligatory stop during your journey in the English Channel and Normandy. It exudes a mystical atmosphere quite special and its visit is sure to be remembered!

Ruisseau devant le Mont Saint Michel
©Mont Saint Michel|Gautier Salles

Enter the village of Mont-Saint-Michel

The large wooden gates (one of which is named the King’s Gate) will lead you straight into the main street of the village. You will then be instantly plunged into the medieval city. Paved streets, stairs, small gardens, stone houses, drawbridge, half-timbered houses, circuit of the ramparts … you will then discover the architecture of the place and from the ramparts you will embrace a breathtaking view on the bay but also on the other parts of the Mount.

You will have plenty of time to wander these beautiful streets, mazes of small paths and nooks, and also the great staircase of 350 steps, whose ascent is a performance but which will lead you at the end at the top, to the sumptuous abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Did you know?

The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is the scene of the largest tides in Europe, the arrival of the tidal bore at Mont-Saint-Michel (the first spectacular wave) is a popular sight for tourists and lovers of Mont-Saint-Michel.
The bay surrounding Mont-Saint-Michel covers about 500 square meters and during the highest tides the sea recedes about 18 kilometers from the Mont.

The Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel: the icing on the cake

In the past, between the 8th and 18th centuries, the abbey was a popular place of pilgrimage. The architecture of the place is remarkable and remains one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of the medieval period.

The visit of this exceptional monument is incredible: 20 rooms are open to the visit, an absolutely sumptuous cloister, the walkway and refectory of the monks and also the terrace of the forecourt from where you can admire the 360° view on the bay … a really magnificent show!

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