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Saint-Gerbold Hermitage
Vélos à L'ermitage Saint Gerbold
©Hermitage Saint Gerbold de Gratot|Cycles and Co

Unknown heritage and unheard of visit!

Coutances tourism allows you to discover the interior of little known monuments and rarely open to visit such as this one: Saint Gerbold hermitage.

The Saint-Gerbold hermitage is a property of the municipality of Gratot. Rarely open to the public, this virtual tour allows you to get inside the building and immerse yourself in the beauty of the place.

Ermitage Saint Gerbold de Gratot
©Ermitage Saint Gerbold de Gratot|PAH
At home

Discovery in 3D of the Saint-Gerbold hermitage

Small Tips!!!

Tips to get the most out of this virtual tour:

  • The “play” button allows you to start the automated tour which will guide you without doing anything in the monument, if you don’t press it you can move around the castle as you wish
  • The white circles allow you to advance from one room to another by clicking on them
  • You can use the keys on your keyboard left arrow, right arrow, etc.
  • You can put the virtual tour in full screen using the button at the bottom right of the window (just above the thumbnails)
  • The various shots allow you to switch between rooms with a single click
  • You can view this virtual tour in virtual reality with a suitable headset like Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard
The Saint-Gerbold hermitage

In the story

The hermitage through the centuries

The Saint-Gerbold hermitage is a building dating from the 15th century.It is one of thelast hermitages in France that can still be admired today. The building was first a chapel dedicated to Saint-Gerbold. It was transformed into a hermitage in the 17th century and inhabited by hermits until the 18th century.

A legend tells that an underground would connect the Saint-Gerbold hermitage directly to the nearby Gratot castle, about 1km as the crow flies.

The place is very pleasant for a walk and explanatory terminals are installed outside to discover what a hermitage is. You can then realize the size of the building and appreciate the surroundings.