Découvrir la phénomène des marées
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All you need to know

The tidal phenomenon

The tidal phenomenon explained

The tide is the change in height of the sea level. Many questions arise around the phenomenon and we will try to answer your most frequent questions and also explain this phenomenon!

Frequently asked questions :

Where does the water go when it recedes?
In reality the water goes nowhere, it is the phenomenon of the attraction of the Moon and the Sun on the Earth and the centrifugal force which makes the water rise momentarily (as if it were magnetised, like a bulge) and as a result it is less spread out on the ground and the foreshore is exposed.

Why are there 2 tides a day ?

The first is due to the attraction of the Moon when it is aligned with the Sun. It attracts the oceans and thus creates the tide we know. The second is due to the fact that the Earth rotates and the centrifugal force creates a movement of the oceans identical to that of the attraction of the Moon but in the opposite direction.

How long does the sea rise or fall ?

The sea rises for 5 to 6 hours, remains stable for about 20 minutes, then falls again for another 5 to 6 hours.

Did you know ?

The difference in water height between low water and high water is called the tidal range. It is different depending on the region of the world where you are. For example, in the Mediterranean it is only 40 centimetres whereas in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay it is about 14 metres. 

Ideas for tide-related leisure activities

  • The tides are an opportunity to practice fishing on foot
  • Discover the ancestral fishery La Maillard in Hauteville-sur-Mer
  • Visit the oyster beds by horse-drawn carriage: the high tide carriages
  • Take a walk on the foreshore in the fresh air and discover the underwater fauna and flora
  • Do some sand yachting on the foreshore
  • Visit the oyster beds by motorised carriage with La Balade d’Anton
  • Take part in a taster session of fishing on foot

How to take part in these activities ?

  • Contact our local experts on +33 (0)2 33 19 08 10
  • Fill in a contact form to get more information
  • Browse the online agenda to find out the dates of the organised outings
  • Go to the La Balade d’Anton website or the Attelage des Grandes Marées website to book
  • Sign up for outings at one of the 6 tourist offices