Feel the sea breeze on your face in Blainville-Sur-Mer and Gouville-Sur-Mer

If you are looking to go on a holiday that revolves around the open sea, Blainville-Sur-Mer and Gouville-Sur-Mer are the perfect places for that. A centre of Norman oyster farming, these two communes are great for a trip away in the salty sea air in la Manche.

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Blainville-Sur-Mer and Gouville-Sur-Mer are two coastal communes. These communes move in time with the tides and they come alive and draw their richness from the sea.

Both oyster farming and tourism revolve around the sea. Both communes have beautiful beaches that are perfect for spending time with family or friends or even to do activities at the seaside, like fishing from the shore or water sports.
If you look out at the horizon, you can see the Sénéquet lighthouse, which adds the final touch to a stunning panorama. The beautiful places and protected nature really allow walkers to cut off from the rest of the world.

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There are lots of businesses and services in the market towns but it is Friday and Monday mornings in summer that you will be able to come and discover the local specialities at the market at the square in the market town of Gouville-sur-Mer. Lots of oyster farmers and mussel farmers open the doors of their workshops and sell delicious seafood.

The two communes are full of hiking trails and little routes that you can walk, cycle or even explore on horseback. The GR 223 coastal path, which extends along the coastline, offers different viewpoints every day and allows you to discover the seaside at your own pace.

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The must-see beach cabins of Gouville-sur-Mer
Go back in time and explore Gouville-sur-Mer’s dunes by discovering the beach cabins. Real landmarks for the town and now one of the most popular tourist attractions in la Manche, the beach cabins are charming with their multicoloured roofs. They first sprung up at the start of the 20th century and they form a kind of unexpected village, offering an unusual walk by the sea whether it is summer or winter.

La Rue des Libraires [The Book Seller Street]
Come and discover the beautiful houses of Clos des Pommiers, Glycines and the Château des Ruettes on the Rue des Libraires in Blainville-sur-Mer. La Rue de Bas, which is its real name, is dotted with five little castles that were all built at the end of the 19th century. They used to be owned by libraires [book sellers] and Parisian print merchants from Blainville-sur-Mer and the surrounding area which earned it its nickname : La Rue des Libraires. Having made their fortune, they built beautiful stately houses in a variety of architectural styles and surrounded by big parks. To find out more about this street in the Coutances area and its unique style and history, go on one of the tours organised by the Blainville-sur-Mer Tourist Events association where the tour is led by one of the owners.

Gouville-sur-Mer Windmill
Today, the windmill, which was built in 1870 and restored in 2014, has all the necessary equipment for making flour the traditional way. You can see its blades in its green surroundings before heading in to discover the inside of the building. Open to tourists from April to All Saints’ Day, at this tourist attraction, which bears testament to more traditional jobs, you will be able to meet the miller who will passionately explain the different stages of making flour.

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