Finding out more about ‘Coutances mer et bocage’

Discover Coutances in the heart of Normandy and allow yourself to be charmed by the huge diversity of its scenery. Windswept rocks here, sandy beaches there to relax on before heading inland to the fauna-rich ‘bocage.’

Close to both the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the seaside resort of Agon-Coutainville, the tumultuous history of our land has many stories to tell of the Cotentin, Coutances and neighbouring towns.

‘Coutances mer et bocage’, comprising of 63 ‘communes’, also boasts a wide variety of activities and landscapes to enjoy. Take a look at these pictures…

Midway between the Mont-Saint-Michel and the landing beaches, ‘Coutances mer et bocage’ is a rich and varied area just waiting to be discovered!

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Discover Normandy via Coutances area and adjoining coastline!

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